November 2019

Signing the Agreement with Polish Agency for Enterprise Development(PARP) for co-financing of an investment project under 3.2.1 "Market research" to implement its own new technology for the production of ventilation ducts in a newly built production hall.

August 2019

Completion of the Project co-financed from the National Center for Research and Development(NCBiR) under 1.1.1. "R&D projects of enterprises".

April 2018

Project 1.1.1. nearing completion. The project is currently very far advanced. The SQUOVAL® ductwork production line was created. Extensive flow, acoustic, strength and seismic research carried out and completed.

January 2018

The investment preparation process has started. Planned end of investment December 2018.

December 2017

Signing the contract for the Technology Loan, which is intended for the construction and equipment expenses of the SQUOVAL® ductwork production plant.


NCBiR application in the program 1.1.1. completed by signing the contract.